Kambaba Jasper Bracelet for Meditation

Embrace tranquility and spiritual harmony with our Kambaba Jasper Bracelet. Its serene green, gray, and blue tones symbolize growth, renewal, and balance—ideal for meditation. Handcrafted by skilled Hømo Spiritus artisans, it embodies authenticity and quality, packaged sustainably for eco-consciousness. Wear it daily to cultivate inner peace and mindfulness, tapping into its grounding energies for spiritual well-being.

♥ Tranquility ♥ Spiritual Connection ♥ Meditation  ♥ Balance

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Bracelet length: 7
Fits Wrist Sizes: 6 - 7.2 (Most Popular)
Bead Size: 8MM

The fit may vary slightly based on wrist size, with the possibility of being a bit loose or snug, though it generally accommodates average sizes well.

MEN: Average wrist size is 6 - 7 inches
WOMEN: Average wrist size is 5.5 - 6.5 inches


Type: Gemstone Beaded Stretch Bracelet
Material: Natural Kambaba Jasper Crystal
Color: Green, Gray, Blue
Style: Yoga, Meditation, Buddhism, Hinduism
Design: Beaded Gemstone Bracelet with engraved "Meditation" symbol.
Mood: Spirituality, Yogi Jewelry, Meditation Bracelet
Brand: Hømo Spiritus

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Kambaba Jasper Bracelet - Tranquil Green Gemstone Beaded Bracelet for Meditation

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Made by Spirit-Centered Artisans

We search tirelessly so our customers can find their own personalized expressions through one-of-a kind items made by hand without sacrificing quality or creativity while also supporting sustainable craftsmen around world. We work with spiritual artists & artisan; each piece should have its true essence understood through careful creation by them too!

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spiritual product gift for meditation mind body zen-1
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Embrace Tranquility with the Kambaba Jasper Bracelet

Indulge in spiritual serenity with our Kambaba Jasper Bracelet. Crafted with genuine Kambaba Jasper crystals, this gemstone beaded stretch bracelet radiates shades of green, gray, and blue, enhancing inner peace and mindfulness.

Metaphysical Meaning

  • Tranquility
  • Spiritual Connection
  • Meditation
  • Grounding
  • Balance

Kambaba Jasper Bracelet: Meaning and Cultural Significance

Kambaba Jasper boasts ancient origins, treasured for its calming and grounding attributes across cultures. Symbolizing growth, renewal, and inner peace, its green, gray, and blue hues offer a gateway to spiritual serenity.

Handcrafted by Hømo Spiritus

Our artisans meticulously handcraft each Kambaba Jasper Bracelet, ensuring authenticity and quality. With eco-consciousness in mind, every piece reflects our commitment to sustainability and spirituality.

Metaphysical Properties of Kambaba Jasper Bracelet

Aspect Description
Planet Earth
Element Earth
Numerical Vibration 7
Stone Color Green, Gray, Blue
Chakras Heart
Mood Tranquility, Balance
Represents Growth, Renewal

How to Use Kambaba Jasper Bracelet

Infuse your meditation with the calming energies of the Kambaba Jasper Bracelet. Set intentions to align with its tranquility and balance, allowing it to ground you in the present moment and facilitate deep relaxation.

100% Authentic Meaningful Jewelry

Crafted with genuine Kambaba Jasper crystals, our bracelets embody natural beauty and metaphysical properties. Packaged in eco-friendly materials, each piece reflects our dedication to quality and spirituality.

Why Choose Kambaba Jasper Bracelet

Ideal for spiritual seekers and those longing for inner peace, the Kambaba Jasper Bracelet symbolizes growth, renewal, and tranquility. Gift it to a friend or loved one to inspire mindfulness and self-discovery.

Elevate Your Spiritual Practice

Experience the essence of tranquility and balance with the Kambaba Jasper Bracelet. Let its calming energy guide you on a journey of inner peace and harmony.

Wearing Kambaba Jasper Bracelet

Connect with the grounding energies of Kambaba Jasper as you wear this bracelet daily. Feel its tranquil presence enriching your life with peace and spiritual connection.

About Hømo Spiritus

Deeply connected to the spiritual realm, Hømo Spiritus infuses ancient wisdom into each creation, inviting you on a journey of inner transformation and empowerment.

Kambaba Jasper Bracelet - Tranquil Green Gemstone Beaded Bracelet for Meditation
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Kambaba Jasper Bracelet - Tranquil Green Gemstone Beaded Bracelet for Meditation
Kambaba Jasper Bracelet for Meditation
Original price was: $45.00.Current price is: $28.00.

200 in stock