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The Crescent Moon Necklace is a beautiful and unique piece that is perfect for anyone who loves pearls and wants something different. The necklace features a pearl chain with a golden charm in the shape of a half moon. The 18k gold plating gives it an elegant look that is sure to turn heads. Happiness doesn’t come from what we see and touch, but from what we believe and do. The crescent moon necklace is a beautiful reminder of this. It’s simple, elegant, and understated a perfect way to show your belief in the power of positivity. Made with a freshwater pearl and a golden charm in the shape of a half moon, this necklace is 18k gold plated for a luxurious look. The pearl has long been associated with wisdom, while the crescent moon is a symbol of new beginnings. Combined, they make a powerful statement about your commitment to living your best life. More than just a pretty piece of jewelry, the crescent moon necklace is a reminder that happiness comes from within. Wear it as a reminder to stay positive and open to new possibilities. Let it represent your belief in yourself and your ability to create your own happiness.

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  • Brand: Homo Spiritus
  • Materials: 14k Gold Plated Stainless Steel
  • Stone: Pearl
  • Size: Adjustable 6-7-8-9
  • Style: Pearl Necklace With Charm Golden Half Moon
  • Mood: Feminine, Ritual, Wiccan, Magical, Elegant
  • Spiritual Meaning: Moon Goddess Energy, New Moon Change
  • Uses: Talisman, Gift, Meditation, Dating
  • Collection: Spiritual Jewelry


A crescent moon is often seen as a sign of spirituality and divine guidance. The crescent moon has been used as a symbol in many religions, including Islam, Christianity, Judaism, and Hinduism. In most cases, the crescent moon is seen as a symbol of hope, new beginnings, and growth. It can also represent femininity, intuition, and the subconscious mind. Crescent moon jewelry is often worn to promote peace, calmness, and serenity.


The crescent moon is a symbol with a long and varied history. It can represent different things depending on the culture and era in which it appears. In general, though, the crescent moon is often seen as a symbol of spirituality or enlightenment. It’s thought that the crescent moon represents the growing power of the divine feminine, and can be seen as a sign of hope or new beginnings. It can also represent change, mystery, and The Unknown. In some cases, it may also symbolize protection or guidance.

New Moon in Buddhism

The New Moon occurs when the moon is in alignment with the sun, and is therefore said to be “at rest.” This is believed to be a time of new beginnings, when we can let go of the past and open ourselves up to new possibilities.During the New Moon, Buddhists often take part in special rituals and activities such as meditating, reciting mantras, or making offerings. It is also seen as an auspicious time for starting new projects or undertaking new endeavors. The New Moon is a time of introspection and reflection, when we can look within ourselves and see what needs to be changed or improved. It is also a time to set our intentions for the future

Half Moon in Islam

In Islam, the half moon is known as Al-qamar and is considered to be a sign of Allah. It is said that the half moon is one of the most beautiful creations of Allah and is a reminder of His power and greatness. The half moon also symbolizes enlightenment, new beginnings, and growth.

Pearl Necklace in Paganism & Metaphysical

Snakes have been worshipped and feared by cultures around the world for centuries, and they hold a range of meanings in paganism depending on the specific mythology or belief system in question. In some cases, snakes are seen as symbols of transformation, rebirth, and new beginnings; while in others they are associated with wisdom, healing, and protection.

Gold moon in Ancient Cultures

Gold has been associated with the moon since ancient times. The ancients believed that gold was a divine metal, and that it had the power to protect and heal. Gold was often used in ceremonies and rituals, and was thought to promote good luck and fortune. In many cultures, the moon was seen as a sacred symbol of femininity, protection, and fertility. Gold was often used to adorn altars, temples, and statues of goddesses. Many ancient peoples believed that gold came from the moon, and that it could be used to bring one closer to the divine. In some cultures, gold was even thought to be magical, capable of healing the sick and bringing good fortune.


There’s something special about wearing a gold moon necklace with pearls. It’s feminine and beautiful, but also has a certain mystery and spirituality to it.Pearls have long been associated with the moon, and Gold is a metal that is said to represent the sun. So wearing a gold moon necklace with pearls is like bringing together two of the most powerful celestial bodies.There’s something very ethereal about pearls, and they have always been considered to be lucky charms. They are said to bring wisdom, innocence, and purity. And what could be more perfect than pairing them with a piece of jewelry that represents the moon?

Gold is also said to represent power, wealth, and success

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The crescent moon is a symbol of new beginnings, and our Crescent Moon Pearl Necklace is the perfect way to start your journey to inner peace. The natural pearl is said to represent wisdom and knowledge, and wearing it close to your heart will help you to access those qualities within yourself.

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Crescent Moon Necklace Gold 18k with freshwater pearls half moon charm necklace
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